The sad truth is that we truly don’t know how many breaths we get in this life. We let plans and relationships fall to the wayside, thinking that there will always be more time. Guess what? Time is neither gracious nor abundant, and it doesn’t care about your wants.

I started off 2016 losing two people who were important in my life as well as the lives of people all around me. I battled with guilt over not being present enough in these relationships. This is a common feeling that I’m sure that we will all experience one day. The beauty of life is that every moment, every failure and every win is a lesson. So, how do we move forward? What can we do to be better?

Thank people for the light that they bring to your life

‘Thank you’ is a two-word phrase that will always go a long way. Let the positive people in your life know that they’re not just another passing face. Celebrate those who surround you, always.

Constantly encourage and support others

We’re all working toward something. I have a lot of friends who are creators in their own respects. It took a long time for me to realize that it only takes five seconds to hit the share button on Facebook, or press RT on Twitter. Do this more. People will appreciate it.

Do not let positive relationships fall off

Emphasis on positive. We’ve all made the mistake of allowing negative energy into our lives, even when we knew better. If someone uplifts your life, they deserve to be there. Don’t forget about them.

Be more forgiving

A friend on Facebook summed this up perfectly: “We can’t walk around with hard hearts carrying petty things over people’s heads. If you love or care for someone, do your best to show it.” However, don’t waste your time forgiving people who don’t deserve it.

Accept that everyone has a season in your life

Do not force relationships that have already run their course. People will come and go, and sometimes they might even return. Take time to nurture the relationships that are relevant to your current life status without constantly looking back. This is definitely a hard road to navigate, but it can be done.

Take some time today to appreciate those that you love.

death changed my perspective
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