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When You’re In A Relationship With An Addict, Here’s Why Jekyll Doesn’t Hide

Facing the monster of addiction in a marriage.
Lisa Crump Burton
 • 2 months ago

IG Model With Nothing On Flavor Flav Shares Why She Tricked Dozens Of Men Into Thirsting For Her Love At An NYC Park

Flavor Flav who?
Ashleigh Atwell
 • 3 months ago

Choose You, Boo: How An Unhealthy Relationship Can Kill Your Self-Esteem

"It’s sad when someone you assumed cared about you is the one to bring you down."
Nashai Catlett
 • 3 months ago

Why The Bonds Between Straight Men Can Sometimes Sabotage Their Romantic Relationships

But, It's Not Homosexual. It's Homosocial.
Steven Underwood
 • 3 months ago

Here Are The Challenges I Face As A Middle Class Black Woman In A Relationship With A Rich White Man

"It’s hard not to notice all the looks we get just walking down the street."
Nakia Henry
 • 3 months ago

Why I’m 27, Single And Doing Just Fine

"Sometimes I wonder whether I should readjust my standards, change my requirements, maybe even go back to old flames who failed me the first time round."
 • 5 months ago

Why Nicki Minaj’s Declaration Of Single Life Should Make You Rethink Marriage

What's all the hype about marriage?
Emmanuela Etienne
 • 5 months ago

The Millennial Dating Struggle: Trying To Find Honesty In The Age Of Oversharing

A digital discovery of deception is a common phenomenon today.
Gabrielle Parsons
 • 5 months ago

The Joys And Woes Of Being A Young Married Couple

"It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been right for us."
 • 5 months ago

How I Found Love Once I Stopped Trying To Schedule It

My heart rhythm changed its tempo.
Jasmine L. Leigh, PhD
 • 6 months ago

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