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Why Nicki Minaj’s Declaration Of Single Life Should Make You Rethink Marriage

What's all the hype about marriage?
Emmanuela Etienne
 • 3 months ago

The Millennial Dating Struggle: Trying To Find Honesty In The Age Of Oversharing

A digital discovery of deception is a common phenomenon today.
Gabrielle Parsons
 • 3 months ago

The Joys And Woes Of Being A Young Married Couple

"It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been right for us."
 • 4 months ago

How I Found Love Once I Stopped Trying To Schedule It

My heart rhythm changed its tempo.
Jasmine L. Leigh, PhD
 • 4 months ago

Bride And Groom React To Their First Dance Video Going Mega Viral After The Unexpected Happened At Their Wedding

"Our goal is to always touch lives and show that millennials can have fun by honoring God through covenant."
Dominique Jackson
 • 5 months ago

This Man Went ALL OUT To Help His Little Brother Impress His Crush In The Best Display Of Brotherly Love

We hope this guy gets a second date.
Dominique Jackson
 • 6 months ago

The Root Of An Unhealthy Friendship, And Why It Ended

"Our lives were full of messy tea in which we would exchange among each other."
Amanda De Souza
 • 6 months ago

A Decade Ago, Common Left A Voicemail On A Fan's Phone; Now That Fan Is Chance The Rapper

The young artist was destined for greatness!
Dominique Jackson
 • 7 months ago

This Black Couple In Atlanta Open Up About Their Polygamous Relationship And Why They're Seeking A Sister Wife

Ashley and Dimitri Snowden opened up about their polygamous relationship to Blavity after appearing in an episode on TLC's "Seeking Sister Wife"
Aramide Tinubu
 • 7 months ago

It's Time For The Issue Of Colorism To Be Put To Bed

We're black. Period.
Bukola V. Oyekan
 • 7 months ago

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