South African designer Daniel Ngobeni is apologizing to those he's offended with his collection of rope ties that resemble nooses. 

A viral Facebook post showcased Ngobeni's collection of rope ties, which yielded mostly confusion and criticism on the social media platform. 

Ngobeni, 26, told Blavity he created Daniel's Rope Ties, which is only sold in South Africa, in 2018. 

"I thought, what is something new, that has never been done in fashion," he said of his considerations in creating the brand. 

"I asked myself, 'Can the same rope that has been used to take someone's life, can it be used for a better purpose?'" he explained. "Can the same object be used in a different way?' So I thought of the tie." 

The Polokwane, South Africa, resident refers to the accessory as a "rope of honor." 

Many online struggled to see it that way. 

"I'm trending a lot on Facebook and Twitter as well. My brothers and sisters are not happy about my work," Ngobeni noted. 

While he apologized to those he may have hurt with his designs, he also said Americans in particular have hyper-focused on just one of his designs, though there are others. He also still plans on selling the ties. 

"I would like to extend my apologies to my Black brothers and sisters in America," he continued. "I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I am sorry to people who see this as something bad."