Rapper Desiigner got into a commotional scene with the Los Angeles Police Department when he was pulled over at a gas station yesterday.

The 25-year-old was allegedly pulled over “for driving without a license and his tinted windows.”

When the camera begins recording, the “Panda” rapper can be heard yelling at one of the officers.

“Put your pepper spray back in your bag, I’m not a threat! Back the f-ck up!” he shouts. “Back up! I don’t have anything in my pocket, back the f-ck up!”

“You f-cking racist b-tch!” he continues to shout. “I’m tired of this shit, bro!”

As the altercation unfolds, the group of cops can be heard questioning the rapper about his vehicle.

“I got money all f-cking day!” Desiigner responded.

According to HotNewHipHop, the dispute was also captured on camera by filmmaker Tariq Nasheed.


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“I was driving down the street here in #LA, and I saw the #LAPD surrounding this random brotha at a gas station,” he wrote in the video’s Instagram caption. “The cops had their hands on their gun holsters, so I pulled over and walked over to the brotha to make sure he was ok.”

“From what I gathered, the cops were following the brotha because he happened to be in a nice car…,” he continued. “When I left, I realized that it was the rapper @lifeofdesiigner.”

As Nasheed approaches the gas station he can be heard shouting to the cops.

“Everything alright with this brother? There’s a lot of manpower for this,” he said. “He good?”

The officers seemed to affirm that the situation was under control. 

According to TMZ, the initial group of responding officers called for backup to diffuse the situation, and the rapper signed his ticket and left the scene.