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Diandra Forrest Just Became The First Model With Albinism To Score A Major Beauty Campaign

A true testiment to the fact that every shade of black is beautiful.

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Slowly but surely, the beauty industry has received the memo that beauty comes in all forms, complexions, and hues. A true testament to this progression major cosmetics brand, Wet n Wild just signed Diandra Forrest as the face of its new marketing campaign - making her the first model with albinism to front a campaign for a major beauty brand.

With her naturally blonde kinky hair, ethnic features and milky white skin, the African-American model has parlayed her striking features into a groundbreaking career in the fashion industry. In addition, the Bronx bred model and actress has used her platform to advocate for equality and tolerance. In this 2015 TedTalk, Forrest spoke candidly about being bullied for her looks and struggling with self-acceptance.

The model's endurance has definitely paid off. Not only is her contract with Wet n Wild a personal victory, but her affiliation with such a highly visible and affordable brand is a huge step toward increased inclusivity and accessibility for thousands of beauty consumers who have previously felt excluded. This is a struggle that Forrest knows all too well. “I’m always like, ‘Will they have my shade? Will it look correct?’” she told Huffington Post. “I always have to mix. The shade is either too dark or too pale.”

In an interview with HuffPost Forrest said, “being a part of the Wet n Wild campaign is really a dream come true...my mission was always to redefine beauty standards and raise awareness about albinism so being a face for such a major brand means beauty finally has no limits.”

Applause to Forrest, a true testament to the fact that black is beautiful in every shade.

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