If you watched the Emmys this year, you probably saw the In Memoriam Tribute that honored those figures of the industry who passed in the last year. You may have also noticed that a few impactful people were not recognized in the tribute, including Dick Gregory and Charlie Murphy. 

Many people noticed that they weren't there, including Common. He took to Twitter voicing his surprise with the disregarding of two powerhouses.

While Charlie Murphy's camp was reached out to for photos (though he was still left out of the broadcast segment), Dick Gregory's family didn't hear anything from the Emmys about honoring the icon. 

One of Dick Gregory's sons, Christian Gregory, got candid with TMZ about the snub, saying that it was highly disrespectful, especially because of his father's legacy. Christian pointed out that most actors and producers of color wouldn't even be working in TV without Dick's civil rights activism and success in entertainment.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences hasn't offered an explanation, however they have added Gregory and Murphy to the Academy's website memoriam. 

Gregory died in August after an iconic career in comedy and activism that spanned over five decades. He's been credited for paving the way for comedians like Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor and Mooney to name a few. He has been a staple in our community, but he is a legend beyond that. It's sad that after an iconic night for black people at the Emmys, one of those who paved the way was not even honored. 

Word to the Emmys: do better.