Diddy has relinquished his publishing rights to all the Bad Boy Records artists and songwriters who were part of his success.

According to Revolt TV, the business mogul leaped in a new direction as a record label owner when he decided to “reassign the label’s publishing rights” to everyone he signed, which includes artists such as Faith Evans, Ma$e, The LOX, 112 and Biggie Small’s estate. This is one of several things the billionaire is doing on his quest to help liberate the Black community through financial literacy, education and other avenues.

Sadly, most artists do not own the publishing rights to their music catalog. Instead, record labels often do and profit from it while the artist gets very little besides money from paid gigs, which has been a complaint of many artists like Ashanti, Prince, Taylor Swift, The Beatles and Lil Kim.

Throughout the years, former Bad Boys Records artist Ma$e publicly criticized Diddy for not being an example of “Black excellence” after the rapper-turned-minister offered to pay Diddy $2 million for his masters only for him to decline his request.

Since then, the Empower Global founder had a change of heart and is taking action in hopes to “inspire the music industry to follow suit as he continues to be disruptive and change the status quo. He wants to see more creators flourish and profit as much as possible from their work, hopefully sparking a new way the biz compensates future ones,” Revolt TV reported.

This follows Diddy’s $1 million donation to Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings’ Earn Your Leisure platform and discussion at Invest Fest 2023 on the Black community’s need to “weaponize the almighty Black dollar to save us” since “we have a $1.8 trillion buying power,” the 53-year-old said to the crowd.


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In addition, he kept his promise and recently donated $1 million to Jackson State University.


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As Diddy is on a mission to shift the narrative, Blavity will stay tuned in to what’s next on his radar.