Dillard’s, the department store, has fired an employee at its Dallas location after he referred to a Black father as a “n****r.” A viral video posted to Twitter shows the father responding with poise and wisdom after being insulted.

“My 10-year-old heard you calling me a ‘f**king n****r,'” the customer told the employee. “It’s unacceptable. You shouldn’t do that… You don’t know the impact of what you done to my son.”

While the man mumbled a response to defend himself, the father eloquently continued his speech.

“You shouldn’t be speaking that way period,” he said. “Why do that, man?”

The now terminated employee came back with another incoherent explanation, saying he had an outburst after he hurt his leg. Still, the the shopper proceeded with his statement.

“You disrespected myself and you disrespected my family,” he said. “I would never treat anybody that way. But I want you know man-to-man, that s**t is not cool.”

Hoping to help the employee understand the value of kindness, the father said he has experienced several tragedies in the past, losing his mother, mother-in-law and sister.

“You don’t know what mental state the next human being could be in,” he said. “It wouldn’t be a cop, it wouldn’t be a security guard, it wouldn’t be nobody that can stop from getting on your ass if I wanted to. … It doesn’t matter about the age. Treat human beings with respect and morals and values.”

Before leaving the store, the father vowed to go home and teach his 10-year-old about respect.

“Everybody heard you say it,” the customer said. “I want the whole store to know that you was dead wrong.”