Update (Oct. 8, 2021): Ca'Shawn "Cookie" Sims has been found, NBC News reports. The 30-year-old was said to be in good condition and is currently recuperating at a hospital in the Los Angeles area. 

Keke Palmer took to Instagram to share the news. 

“We found her!!! Just wanted all of you to know, thank you for the help and support. God is so so good,” she wrote. 

Officials said Sims reunited with her family and reported that there is “no suspicion of foul play.”

Original (Oct. 7, 2021): Fitness influencer Ca'Shawn "Cookie" Sims, 30, has been reported missing, and a disturbing video posted to her YouTube page is heightening concerns. 

The entrepreneur, who has an athleisure line, The Cookieee Shop, was last seen on Sept. 8 in Duarte, California, NBC News reports.

Three days after the 30-year-old, also known as The Booty Doctor, was reported missing, a video was posted to her YouTube titled "Domestic Violence While Pregnant." In the video, she mentions the date of the recording being July 29. 

In the 20-minute clip, Sims briefly recounts coming back pregnant after a birthday trip to Miami and telling her parents.

“I told my mom and she didn’t do anything,” Ca'Shawn begins. “They purposely put something in the living room and AC vents to cause me to have allergic reactions. Every time I sleep, I continue to have the reactions.” 

She also recounts a physical altercation with her father, who she says attacked her before the Fourth of July while her mom watched. 

“I don’t even know what happened for my dad to get upset last time,” she says. “It was before Fourth of July and he attacked me, smashed my head and my mom didn’t anything. Am I surprised? No. I’ve been abused by him since I was 16 and she’s done nothing about.”

Sims' sister, Chris'tol Sims, took to social media to spread the word about her disappearance. She said she was last in communication with her sibling on the day she went missing. 

"Although my sister is a very independent person and enjoys her solitude, family close and distant have not been able to get in touch with her for too long, and it is concerning. The last known IN PERSON communication with Ca'Shawn was 9/8. As we've recently started living in separate places, I do not have day-to-day access to her. I'm trying to make sure she's okay and will exhaust every option," she wrote.

Their other sister, Ca'rynn Sims, also used Instagram to plead for help from her followers, telling them to "be on the lookout."

At one point in the video, a strange noise is heard. Ca'Shawn said it was her sister walking around with a Taser.