Comedian D.L. Hughley has stirred controversy with his defense of Kevin Hart.  

In the wake of Hart stepping down from hosting the 91st annual Academy Awards, Hughley got into a heated exchange with Pose actress Indya Moore over his defense.

Hughley released a video praising the Night School star's non-apology for his old homophobic tweets. The short clip made its way to Twitter, and Moore, who is a trans woman, challenged Hughley's sentiments on Friday.

The actress called out Hughley for seemingly dismissing the concerns of the gay community about Hart's now-deleted tweets.

"You can't balance or evaluate the ethics of an issue you aren't impacted by," she wrote.

At first, the exchange was civil. Hughley wrote back stating "jokes are jokes and no one is above them" as a retort.

Then, the conversation began to veer off course when Moore fired back calling the 55-year-old funnyman a failed comedian because of his divisive brand of comedy.

The phrase "fail as a comedian" set Hughley off. He fired off a thread of tweets detailing his career achievements. Several of the syndicated talk show host's tweets referred to Moore as a "p***y."

He also managed to promote his upcoming Netflix series in one of his tweets. As the exchange flowed over into Saturday, Moore reaffirmed her commitment to stand up to bigotry in the entertainment industry.  

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