During a Saturday memorial service for iconic rapper DMX, one of the late rapper’s daughters, Sonovah, was among several to take the stage in tribute to her father, emulating his talents in an original song.   

“Ayo I’m growing, I’m learning, to hold my head up/My daddy’s still holding my hand, so I gotta stand up/I learned so much from my father," she rapped.

“He taught me to be strong, but it’s OK to be afraid/‘Cause sometimes it’ll show you how to be brave/I never give up, I give it my all/‘Cause I know I’m big, even though I look small/Lookin’ at my daddy’s picture on the wall…My brothers and sisters, we all stand together/Throw up the X, daddy forever.”

The 12-year-old was undoubtedly walking in her father’s footsteps as her song appeared to be her own rendition of his 1998 song, “Slippin.”

“And sometimes when I’m feeling sad and weak, I can still hear him speak/By all means ima do what’s right/Even in the dark ima be the light/I can do it, even when I’m feeling sad/Y’all call him DMX, I call him dad," she rapped.