Over the last month, Doja Cat has been ripping stages nationwide on The Scarlet Tour. Recently, she decided to warn the white folks in the crowd to abstain from using the N-word.

Footage surfaced of the “Agora Hills” rapper and singer telling the audience, “Watch your mouth if you’re white,” before performing her hit track “Ain’t S**t.”

Not too long ago, the Los Angeles native was in hot water for myriad offenses. Some of those questionable actions include titling one of her songs a racial slur and participating in a white supremacist group chat.

However, with the emergence of her cautionary sentiment, she may attempt to turn over a new leaf and hold herself accountable in the process.

Doja Cat is not the only member of the rap community to comment on the problematic nature of white people using the N-word.

Vibe reported that in 2017, Portland rapper Aminé warned white fans to refrain from using the word during his NPR Tiny Desk Concert. 

Before performing his single, “Caroline,” he warned his non-POC fans to halt for belting the “westside n***a” bar. 

During the same year, a month before his Tiny Desk performance, most of the crowd recited the bar at a Vevo Halloween concert. According to Vibe, the crowd comprised a good portion of non-Black people.

Similar to Doja Cat, one might imagine that Aminé also learned from that incident.