Donald Glover and Rihanna were spotted in Cuba last summer working on a secret project. Reports later confirmed the unlikely duo were working on the film Guava Island

Glover hosted an early screening of the movie at the Coachella music festival Thursday, according to HuffPost. On Friday, Glover took the stage as alter-ego Childish Gambino. Following his performance, the film was officially released to the public on Amazon Prime.

You’re all invited to our staycation with @donaldglover and @rihanna. The new #ChildishGambino film #GuavaIsland will be available on Prime Video starting Saturday 4/13 at 12:01am PST.

— Amazon Prime Video (@PrimeVideo) April 11, 2019

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Audiences can spot several underlying themes in the film, but Vulture identified one of the more obvious in the 55-minute feature. Early into the film, a fellow island worker tells Deni his dreams of working in America, where he believes he might find fulfillment in his work and a sizable pay raise. Deni contradicts his views by saying capitalism functions the same in every nation.

"This is America. Guava's no different than any other country," he retorts. "America is a concept. Anywhere where, in order to get rich, you have to make someone else richer, is America." 

Glover immediately begins singing another rendition of his Grammy-winning single "This is America," performing some of the recognizable dance moves viewers first saw when he debuted the music video in May 2018. 

Childish Gambino – This Is America (reprise) 
Guava Island (2019)

— Donald Gambino (@BecausetheLando) April 14, 2019

"This is America" explores several real-life themes. However, Glover makes slight additions to correlate the anthem within the context of the movie. First, the melody is slightly altered. The polished beat in the original tune is replaced with sounds of production machinery. Finally, the factory workers double as Glover’s back-up dancers.

Over on Twitter, viewers were impressed with the imagery, message and the use of production machinery as an accompaniment to the performance.  


— internet personality (@uknowjacko) April 13, 2019

"This Is America" is 10x better in the context of Guava Island than as a stand-alone song

— Aaron Smarter???? (@AaronSmarter) April 13, 2019

Guava Island is so amazing. Gave a completely new context to This Is America, made a bold statement on corporate America and some STUNNING cinematography. Donald I love you. #ChildishGambino #guavaisland

— deni maroon (@JAYYTW) April 13, 2019

CNN notes Guava Island was filmed in Cuba and written by Glover's brother Stephen Glover. Hiro Murai, who directed Glover's chart-topping single "This is America" partnered again with the Atlanta creator to direct the movie. The flick also stars Letitia Wright and Nonso Anozie as antagonist Red Cargo.

Guava Island is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video for Prime members.

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