Update (March 14, 2021):  CBS has launched an internal investigation following the heated exchange between The Talk co-hosts Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood regarding Piers Morgan's controversial comments about Meghan Markle. 

"We are committed to a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace," the network said in a statement to People on Friday. "All matters related to the Wednesday episode of The Talk are currently under internal review."

Osbourne has been receiving backlash since supporting Morgan, who called Markle out as a liar after she sat down with Oprah Winfrey last week and said that she had experienced racism in the royal family. 

"Did I like everything he said? Did I agree with what he said? No," Osbourne said about the British pundit during Wednesday’s episode of The Talk. "It's not my opinion. I support him for his freedom of speech, and he's my friend."

That’s when Underwood became agitated with her colleague’s decision to defend the former Good Morning Britain host, who walked off the set this week after his co-host Alex Beresford called him out on-air. 

"What would you say to people who may feel that while you're standing by your friend, it appears you gave validation or safe haven to something that he has uttered that is racist, even if you don't agree?" Underwood said.

The 68-year-old then demanded her colleague to identify the alleged racist comments.

"It is not the exact words of racism, it's the implication and the reaction to it," Underwood said in response. "To not want to address that because she is a Black woman, and to try to dismiss it or to make it seem less than what it is, that's what makes it racist. But right now, I'm talking to a woman I believe is my friend and I don't want anybody here to watch this and think we are attacking you for being racist."

According to Insider, Osbourne was heard using profanity as the show went to commercial. She later went to Twitter to apologize to the Black community for her comments.

"I have always been embraced with so much love and support from the black community and I have deep respect and love for the black community," she wrote. "To anyone of color that I offended and/or to anyone that feels confused or let down by what I said, I am truly sorry."

Morgan responded to the apology in defense of Osbourne.

“Sharon's been shamed and bullied into apologising for defending me against colleagues accusing me of racism because I don't believe Meghan Markle's bullsh*t,” he wrote. "This is where we've reached. I demand an apology from those @TheTalkCBS bullies for their disgraceful slurs against ME.” 

CBS has not said when the investigation will be completed. 

Update (March 12, 2021):  Sharon Osbourne released a public apology Friday morning after facing backlash for her fervent defense of Piers Morgan who attacked Meghan Markle’s account of experiencing extreme mental anguish as a member of the royal family.

This week on The Talk, Osbourne, 68, defended Morgan and was critical of Black co-host Sheryl Underwood, who she said tried to imply she was racist for siding with the British TV host. Osbourne talked down to and was aggressive toward Underwood who remained poised and collected as she attempted to reason with her co-host about the impact of racism.

Following public outcry, the 68-year-old issued a statement on Twitter, apologizing for “panicking” and “being defensive” during the exchange on The Talk

"After some reflection, after sitting with your comments & sitting with my heart I would like to address the discussion on The Talk this past Wednesday. I have always been embraced with so much love & support from the black community & I have deep respect & love for the black community,” she wrote.

Osbourne's obtuse apology was directed toward the Black community but paid no interest in setting things right with Underwood who was not mentioned once by name in the statement. Osbourne’s representatives have not revealed if she has reached out to Underwood personally. 

Prior to appearing on The Talk to discuss the Morgan fallout, Osbourne defended the Good Morning Britain host on Twitter, sympathizing with the British journalist, saying, "I am with you. I stand by you".

She would later elaborate on her stance and insist that she does not “condone racism, misogyny or bullying,” according to CNN.

After Osborne issued her apology, former The Talk host Holly Robinson Peete shared that she was discriminated against on the show after Osbourne complained that she was too “ghetto.” Peete also offered her support to Underwood, who she said was class and grace personified during the exchange. 

“I bring this up now bc I was mortified watching the disrespectful condescending tone she took w/her co host who remained calm & respectful because…she HAD to,” Peete wrote. 

Original (March 11, 2021): Sharon Osbourne is the latest celebrity to catch heat from the fallout of the widely-watched interview between Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Piers Morgan, a well-known conservative talk show host in the U.K., quit his job after some of his co-workers criticized him for his outlandish hatred of Markle, which he used the show to propagate on a regular basis. 

Osbourne, known as a reality TV star and wife of famed rock musician Ozzy Osbourne, is close friends with Morgan and has come to his defense after many people online accused him of racism due to his comments about Markle.

“@piersmorgan I am with you. I stand by you. People forget that you’re paid for your opinion and that you’re just speaking your truth,” she wrote on Twitter, later appearing on multiple news outlets to defend Morgan.

“I sent out a tweet saying I stand by Piers, I do because he has the right to his opinion — that’s what he gets paid for,” she told the BBC.

On The Talk, the hosts decided to discuss Morgan and Markle this week, during which Osbourne defended her friend and criticized her one of her Black co-hosts, Sheryl Underwood, for allegedly implying she was racist as well. 

“Did I like everything [Morgan] said? Did I agree with what he said? No, because it’s his opinion. It’s not my opinion. But why is it that because I supported a long-time friend and work colleague of mine for years that everybody goes, if you support him, then you must be racist because he’s racist?” Osbourne said. 

The incident sparked outrage online given the way she talked down to and yelled at Underwood. 

Osbourne repeatedly denied that Morgan ever said anything racist about Markle, but Underwood reminded her that racism is much larger than simply word choice. 

"There's a difference between bigotry, prejudice and racism. To speak upon something and not accept what she is saying, what Meghan has been saying, it could be true, and the responses to that could be true and the fact that you don't even want to take into consideration that her desire to want to end her own life is connected to her race. That dismissal makes it a racist situation," Underwood said. 

Underwood repeatedly said that Osbourne was not racist and maintained a warm tone throughout, but that did not stop Osbourne from blowing up at her co-host. 

“I feel like I’m about to be put in an electric chair because I have a friend who many people think is a racist, so that makes me a racist,” the 68-year-old said. 

“Why can’t it be he just doesn’t like her? Why does it have to be racist?” Osbourne added.

"I will ask you again, Sheryl, I was asking you during the break and I'm asking you again. And don't try and cry, because if anyone should be crying, it should be me. This is the situation, you tell me where you have heard him say – educate me. Tell me when you have heard him say racist things. Educate me. Tell me," Osbourne said while yelling at Underwood. 

There was significant backlash online from many Black women who said it reminded them of dealing with bigoted work colleagues.