Organization leaders are learning that understanding the needs of their workforce is essential to success in business. One way DoorDash is taking care of home is by working with the National Urban League to provide financial education to dashers — the company’s front-line workforce responsible for making deliveries.

From March to September 2020, nearly two million people applied to become dashers. During that time, dashers earned more than $3.5 billion, and those who lived in predominantly Black or Latinx communities brought in $2.1 billion of those earnings. As part of its $200 million Main Street Strong pledge, DoorDash and the National Urban League announced a four-year partnership in December 2020 to increase economic opportunity and support Dashers’ financial success.


In 2021, the financial empowerment partnership launched, a virtual learning platform that includes 28 courses offered at no cost to dashers and Urban League clients. The online portal launched with classes on credit, budgeting, home ownership and retirement. Then, it expanded to include topics such as self-employment and life insurance. Offering financial literacy education in a digital, mobile-friendly format is a first for the Urban League.

“Not only do we need to re-imagine work in a re-emergent America, but we also need to prepare our children and workforce to engage with an increasingly digital world,” said National Urban League President and CEO Marc H. Morial. “GoalUp is an ideal response for meeting both ‌critical challenges.”


Dashers got to preview the program before it launched. “The courses [offered] through the financial empowerment program were valuable to me and my family,” said Dasher Community Council member Tanya Ludwig. “The budgeting course in particular really helped me out. After taking the course, I sat down and worked out a budget to spend more wisely. I have a young daughter, and I’m excited to share these life skills with her, whether it’s budgeting or saving for retirement.”

Learn more about the support Dashers receive when joining the team.


This editorial is brought to you in partnership with DoorDash.