One of Drake’s fans hopes the rapper will attend their birthday party and decided to make a lasting impression.

Miya Garcia, who is celebrating her 16-year-old birthday in December, decided to rent a billboard on Interstate 10 in Houston, reported Fox 26 Houston.

“Drake, you’re invited to my sweet 16,” the sign reads. “Your biggest fan, Miya,” the billboard reads.

The billboard indicates that the birthday party will be held in Corpus Christi, Texas. Garcia said she rented the sign with the support of her mother and that Drake is one of her favorite artists.

“Yeah, I love his music. … I love his style. He’s really inspiring,” she told the Fox News 26. “I brought it up to my mom. I was like, ‘I want him to be a part of my big day and my sweet 16.’”

She added that Drake attending the celebration “would be a day to remember forever. But I would be really excited and really happy.” Garcia said her favorite album by the rapper is Take Care. Her favorite track off the project is “Look What You’ve Done.”

She also shared the reason why she decided to put up the billboard in October. It is because it’s “Drake’s month.” The rapper celebrated his 37-year-old birthday on Wednesday. He threw a party at Casadonna in Miami during which Breaking Bad’s star cast members Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul served cocktails to guests.