Twitter users are having too much fun after model Draya Michele went to social media on Thursday to ask a highly suspicious question.

“Hey I got a question for my little scamming scammers. Lol. If you get a SBA loan and it’s under a business name what are the steps to paying it back and if it is under the business name and you go into default does it go under your personal credit?” Michele asked, setting off a series of hilarious replies.

People are of course wondering what the feds are thinking after seeing the tweet.

Michele has been advised to delete the tweet. But the post still remains on the site as people continue to fire jokes.

One Twitter user advised the fashion designer to ask her lawyer, not social media.

Michele, however, prefers to seek answers from Twitter.

Some people actually came out with serious answers and appeared to be legitimately concerned for Michele.

Still, most were just having too much fun with the replies.

While Michele didn’t say why she was requesting the information, it appears she received the answers she was looking for.