Vice President Kamala Harris appeared on an episode of The Drew Barrymore Show that aired Monday. Harris, who along with President Joe Biden has been making various public appearances as they campaign for reelection, discussed policy and her personal life with Barrymore. The appearance has drawn mixed reactions online.

Appearing in front of the show’s “first all-female audience,” Barrymore began the interview with the vice president by discussing their shared experiences as stepparents. While describing her blended family with husband Doug Emhoff and his children Cole and Ella, Harris said on the show, “We don’t use the term ‘step.’ … Their word for me is ‘Momala.’” This comment led to a moment later in the interview in which Barrymore, seemingly holding back tears, said, “We all need a mom,” and “we all need a tremendous hug in the world right now, but in our country, we need you to be ‘Momala’ of the country.”

Throughout the interview, Barrymore sat very close to Harris, at one point taking the vice president by the hand. While Barrymore’s style of interview seem geared toward creating a more personal atmosphere for her show, a number of people across the political aisle felt uncomfortable or put off by the interview. The account for conservative pundit Megyn Kelly’s show tweeted that Harris “is saying nothing” and called the interview “awkward.”

Black Twitter, meanwhile, took issue with Barrymore, accusing her of patronizing Harris and invading the vice president’s space. “This is disrespectful,” tweeted Ola Ojewumi. “Would Drew Barrymore ask Hilary Clinton this bullsh—? Kamala Harris is the Vice President, an elected official, and a politician, not your mammy.”

“VP Harris’ face card to Drew Barrymore is priceless,” posted another user, with a picture of Harris appearing to cringe at the ‘momala’ comment.

Writer Michael Harriot noted the universality of Harris’ experience with Barrymore, writing, “Every Black person has been in this position, stuck with a well-meaning white person who SWORE they was spittin,” and soliciting other posters to share their own stories.

Elsewhere in the interview, Harris discussed with Barrymore how “apparently some people love to talk about the way I laugh.” After Barrymore responded enthusiastically, “I love your laugh,” Harris explained, “I have my mother’s laugh, and I grew up around a bunch of women in particular who laughed from the belly. … Don’t be confined to other people’s perception about what this looks like and how you should act.”

With the presidential campaign accelerating as we get closer to November, Harris will likely be making a number of other media appearances in the weeks and months to come. We will see if her next appearances are received more smoothly than this one.