In the Black community, mental health is often viewed as a taboo topic to discuss with family and friends. But one entrepreneur in Louisiana is changing the narrative by creating an app to uplift others.

According to KSLA, Ladonna Welch is a military wife and teacher in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. She later developed a passion for mental health after dealing with her experiences and became the CEO and founder of the Ebony Notes app.

“At the end of the day, I just want to have a way to support the Black community in a multi-generational way,” Welch told the outlet.

Welch struggled with postpartum depression after having her second child. She said topics surrounding mental health were something Black Americans avoided.

“In our households, we didn’t talk about therapy, we didn’t talk about counseling, it was all about staying strong, hiding your pain, and I think that it plays a big part in the stigma,” she shared.

Welch realized the Black community needed mental health resources and created the Ebony Notes app. The digital program highlights many Black men and women’s difficulties when seeking mental health resources.

“When I did want to reach out and seek help, one of my criteria, I was looking for someone who looked like me, who had a similar background as me, because I felt like they would be able to relate better, and I was in Colorado Springs at the time and that was something that I could not find,” Welch told KSLA.

According to a report from Mental Health America, 16% or 4.8 million who identify as Black or African American have had a mental illness in the past year. However, slavery, racism, social and economic status and mistrust in the healthcare system are just some of the factors that prevent most Black Americans from discussing mental health.

The app offers resources for mental health, meditation, youth services and daily affirmations based on issues affecting the Black community. Since launching the app, Welch gained recognition for creating a space to empower those who look like her.

“It’s always so positive. It’s people thanking me for what I am doing, which makes me feel that I am on the right path and I am doing something that will make a change,” Welch said.