Alabama Barker, the daughter of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, teased her upcoming rap song on TikTok. She is seen mouthing the lyrics in the video while sporting a bright orange wig.

“But listen who the f**k y’all talking to / I’m Alabama, get to know me, I might sp-z on you,” the 17-year-old lip syncs. “Treat me like your mama, drip me out in some designer / Ice me out like boy, I’m wildin’ / You know the type of energy, don’t treat me like it’s 10 to me / You better not be textin’, treat your exes like your enemies.”


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Online, criticism immediately started rolling in. Some accused Barker of blackfishing because she chose to write a rap song. Others said being a rapper doesn’t make sense as she is the daughter of a famed musician.

“She just wanna rap ’cause she likes music, and she wanted to try it that’s literally it,” a fan commented under her TikTok video. 

Barker replied, “Like fr.”

On Instagram, Barker addressed hateful comments on her Story.

“They hating on me crazy. I’m keep going though,” she wrote.

“The wiggg,” commented another fan. “It’s giving old Keyshia Cole.” Barker replied the singer was the inspiration behind the look.

In the past, the 17-year-old has addressed accusations of blackfishing as she was filmed singing a rap song with her friends.

“Even though I do not need to explain all of the negative assumptions about us, it’s absurd to see a group of friends just having a good time gives so many grown adults a topic to talk about,” she said at the time.

The song is Barker’s first foray into music. No title nor release date has been shared.