Apple is making a clear move. They don’t want to show graphic content on their upcoming streaming service, including content you may not even think to be graphic.

The move is courtesy of CEO Tim Cook.

All of their plans and current status of the streaming service (which is on a track to be delayed again) is revealed in a new Wall Street Journal report.

“Apple has made clear, say producers and agents, that it wants high-quality shows with stars and broad appeal, but it doesn’t want gratuitous sex, profanity or violence,” WSJ states. This is in contrast to content from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

They’ve totally rejected one project, Vital Signs, a scripted series on the life of Dr. Dre.

“The show, a dark, semi-biographical tale of hip hop artist Dr. Dre, featured characters doing lines of cocaine, an extended orgy in a mansion and drawn guns. It’s too violent, Mr. Cook told Apple Music executive Jimmy Iovine, said people familiar with Apple’s entertainment plans. Apple can’t show this,” reads the report.

There are other changes as well for planned series.

— For a psychological thriller from M. Night Shyamalan : “Please eliminate the crucifixes in the couple’s house, said people working on the project. They said executives made clear they didn’t want shows that venture into religious subjects or politics.”

— The scripted series on a morning news show from Reese Witherspoon, starring herself and Jennifer Aniston (which as been delayed due to the differences and Witherspoon’s schedule): “Apple’s venture entails behind-the-scenes drama unusual for the tech company’s typically regimented operations. Apple replaced the person in charge of the Aniston-Witherspoon show, known as the showrunner, before filming. The executive producer’s inexperience was an issue, but Apple also wanted a more upbeat show and took exception to some of the humor proposed, according to people working on the project. The show now is delayed and is having scheduling issues with Ms. Witherspoon, who has other commitments, they said.”

— The Amazing Stories reboot – “Apple also replaced showrunners for a reboot of Steven Spielberg’s anthology “Amazing Stories,” finding the original team’s vision a little dark, said people familiar with that project. Apple’s handful of TV-MA projects include “Shantaram,” about a former heroin addict who smuggles guns to Afghanistan, and a potential show about the late pop star George Michael.”

You can read the full WSJ report here.

Other projects currently in the pipeline at Apple include a Friday Night Lights-esque sports drama from Kevin Durant, a futuristic drama starring Alfre Woodard and Jason Momoa and of course, Apple has a partnership with Oprah Winfrey to develop content.