Billie Eilish and Armani White were performing separate sets at Montreal’s Osheaga Festival on Saturday. The performers decided to join forces and surprise their fans. The event marked their first time meeting in person, according to Rolling Stone.

Eilish addressed the crowd during her performance.

“You know that song that’s like, ‘Glock tucked, big T-shirt, Billie Eilish?’ You know that song?” she asked as fans cheered in approval. 

The instrumental of “Billie Eilish” by Armani White started playing before the rapper stepped onto the stage. He performed the viral song as fans sang along and recorded the moment on their phones. Eilish jumped around the stage and added adlibs to support the rapper. The two artists then shared a hug when the track came to a close.

White took to social media to share his excitement after the performance.

“I have never heard that many people scream in my f**king life, hahaha. Billie Eilish has an army,” he said on X.



Last year, White went viral on TikTok after he sampled N.O.R.E.’s 2002 hit “Nothin” and added his own lyrics. He teased the track before fully releasing it and inspired his followers to join in on various challenges on social media. He received a nod from Eilish herself and the sample was eventually cleared, allowing him to officially release the track.

“Billie Eilish” garnered millions of streams, landed on the Billboard Hot 100 and helped White secure a performance at the BET Awards.

“It helped me reel in and find an audience I don’t think I would’ve found in Philly,” he told NBC News about how the song skyrocketed his career. “It started as a social media thing but it’s grown past that a long time ago. We’ve sold out shows in real life.”


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A year ago, White signed a record deal with Def Jam. He has since moved from Pennsylvania to California and has released Road to CASABLANCO, an album featuring artists such as Busta Rhymes, A$AP Ferg and Fivio Foreign.

As for Eilish, he sees her as an inspiration for his own career. 

“I think Billie, what she is in her world, is what I aspire to be in my world,” he previously told Genius. “Is just kind of like an anomaly… if it’s me for Hip-Hop, if it’s her for pop, or whatever it is, just to be in this world, but completely stand out from everybody else.”