Recently, Love Is Blind alum Clay Gravesande and OnlyFans model Celina Powell made their social media debut as a couple. Powell’s TikTok account is full of videos featuring the reality star, including one introducing “her man” with the caption, “Its ok daddy, im all u need.” While the awkward coupling blindsided social media, the posts ruffled the feathers of Gravesande’s mother, Margarita Gravesande.

Margarita expressed her disapproval by penning a letter to her son for everyone to see. She posted the letter in a story on her Instagram account, @MaggieLendAHand.

“Happy new day! First, my #1 rule for folks following me on social media: don’t send me any inappropriate videos,” her post began. “I’m not going to call you out, but you know who you are! Second, I didn’t know who CP was until everyone started sending me her YouTube information.”

Mama Gravesande emphasized her thoughts on the “YouTube information” by using the vomiting emoji.  She continued to chastise her son with a proverbial reference to men losing everything, thinking that the “apple is good.” She then told her son to “do better.” 

She got serious with her son by beginning her next paragraph with his government name and telling him to get right with Jesus. 

“Clayton Alexander, you know Jesus will allow things to occur. He’s still trying to get your attention…please surrender to him,” she wrote. “In closing, I pray that everyone reading this gives the same attention to other things that matter, like helping support your local food banks and volunteering in your local communities.”

Gravesande hasn’t posted anything about his relationship with Powell or a response to his mother, but Powell is taking the attention and running with it. Along with the TikTok videos, she has posted several tweets, including one saying, “This is my last Mother’s Day without a child.” 

While Powell seems to be in all in, internet sleuths have found a reason she may want to slow down on the public affection. As the news of the couple made its way around social media, images of porn star and OnlyFans creator Willow Ryder spending time with Gravesande began to circulate.

According to The Tab, Ryder and Gravesande were spotted together in Belize. Images of the two on a boat in cute poses were shared as proof. After Ryder was introduced as the new contender in Gravesande’s weird love triangle, she dropped the bomb that the 26-year-old isn’t too fond of Powell behind her back. 

“He is playing Celina like crazy. In my ear saying he is scared of her and doesn’t want her like that,” she responded to a tweet of the pictures.

She even told another follower that “she wouldn’t date a liar like that” when they asked about her status with Gravesande. 

Powell has yet to respond to the fellow OnlyFans creator spending time with her man, but things are getting interesting fast.