Actor Clifton Powell spoke about his son dating the daughter of the former President and First Lady, Barack and Michelle Obama, noting that the couple has been dating for about a year.

During a recent appearance on the Dear Fathers podcast, Powell was asked about his son, Clifton Powell Jr,  and his relationship with the former First Daughter, Sasha Obama.

Powell disclosed that he spoke with his son about how to handle dating a young woman of a prestigious family, which has helped him become more responsible and gentle.

“That’s amazing, ’cause you know that they’ve been going out for about a year, and it just hit the press, right?” Powell said. “So, it has helped me talk to Chris about how to handle Sasha Obama because we love the Obamas, but Mr. Obama has a daughter that’s dating my son, and I have an opportunity and a responsibility to make my son responsible, gentle, kind, loving and supportive. The things that I did not get taught.”


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He said that he texts his son all of the time to remind him to treat Sasha the way he would want someone to treat his daughter.

“So, I text him all the time, and I say,” Powell said. “‘Treat Sasha like you would want somebody to treat your daughter.”



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According to the Daily Mail, news first broke of the young couple dating back in April, when photos of the two began circulating online.

The couple reportedly got together after Sasha, 21, dropped her studies at the University of Michigan and enrolled at the University of Southern California (USC) last August.

Powell Jr., also known as Cliff and CP3, attended Village Christian High School in the San Fernando Valley, a private school that charges $28,340 a year and provides an excellent Christian education.

Powell Jr., 6’5′, was awarded a four-year basketball scholarship to the University of California at Santa Barbara after graduating high school. Since leaving college, Powell Jr. has established himself as a commercial director with a website that uses his old CP3 nickname. He is also a content creator for Peloton and Nike.

Powell Jr. met Sasha’s mom Michelle already, as she mentioned in an appearance of Ellen; it’s unknown if he’s met her father, Barack. Michelle shared that she loved having her daughters home during the pandemic before praising them as amazing young women.

“I listened to what my mother said when she was raising us. She said, ‘I’m not raising babies; I’m raising real people to be out in the world,'” Michelle said. “And I kept that in mind with the girls.”

The former First Lady also added that her daughters learned to be independent, responsible people, believing they are amazing women.

“I mean, they wouldn’t always be in that bubble of the White House, so they had to learn to make their beds,” Michelle said. “They had to learn how to drive. They had to learn how to be compassionate, independent, responsible people so that they entered the world as responsible, compassionate, capable people. And I think they are amazing young women because of that.”

Neither Sasha nor Powell Jr. have publicly acknowledged their relationship.