Could Emmy winner Colman Domingo take over the mantle of Marvel’s Kang the Conqueror?

Complex reports on a rumor about Marvel potentially considering the The Color Purple star as the person to take over the Kang role after Marvel let Jonathan Majors go. According to Complex, film insider Daniel Richtman claimed knowledge in his Patreon of Domingo being sought after by Marvel. There hasn’t been a statement from Marvel or other report backing up this claim as of yet.

Fans have given their opinions on the possibility of Domingo taking on the Kang role, with one writing, “he would eat but also like stay away from him.” Possibly, the tweet is referring to how actors can get locked in Marvel contracts for extended lengths of time, limiting the amount of non-Marvel work they can do without damaging the contract.’s Brandon Davis wrote, “Colman Domingo as Kang would have me instantly bought back in. Colman is an exceptional human and talent, in my experience. He is so versatile as an actor. No better choice and I hope this is true.”

Another wrote, “If this is true the MCU will win me over again because Colman Domingo as a villain is absolutely flawless and everyone deserves to see it.” They also said how they loved watching Fear the Walking Dead because of his performance as Victor Strand.

In December 2023, Marvel fired Majors after he was found guilty on two out of four counts of harassment and physical assault. Despite fans thinking Marvel would go a different route after Loki Season 2 gave the studio a perfect way to write out the Kang character, this Domingo rumor has given the character new life with fans. But as for if the rumor is true, we will just have to wait and see.