The Michigan native stopped by DJ Akademik’s Off the Record podcast for an interview. While the two discussed DDG’s career and recent endeavors, the topic of his relationship with singer Halle Bailey was quick to come up. 

DDG and Halle Bailey are one of the newest young Hollywood couples that are gaining attention.

Opening up about his blossoming relationship, The Die 4 Respect rapper shared that he is head over heels for his woman. 

Holding nothing back, DDG revealed Bailey makes him a better individual. 

“I honestly get inspired by my girl. She honestly motivated me to be better and work harder and get to certain levels,” he said.


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“I look up to her in a sense ’cause it’s, like, I never been around nobody that really … ’cause I feel like I’m always the motivator, I’m the inspirer. I’m the muthafucka inspiring muthafuckas to do better,” he added.

Feeling like he now has a partner to motivate and challenge him to work harder, DDG has seen a positive shift in himself.

“It’s like I’m in a different mode now where I’m getting inspired by somebody. I feel like it’s healthy in that way for me ’cause it’s like a weight off my shoulders,” ‘DDG said. “It’s like, ‘Ok, I need to work harder,’ It’s challenging in a good way. It just makes me want to go harder versus feeling overwhelmed or some shit.”

@hallebailey singing lessons with @DDG ♬ original sound – halle

After being spotted together in January at one of Usher’s Las Vegas residency shows, the pair confirmed their relationship in March.


In a sweet Instagram post celebrating Bailey’s 22nd birthday, DDG shared a few photos of the two together.


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“Happy Birthday to the beautifulest, the flyest, the sweetest love you forever, @hallebailey,” DDG captioned his post.

How could you not adore these two?