This past Friday, Doja Cat went on Instagram Live and called out a woman named Lorry Hill, a YouTuber who has uploaded numerous videos centered on celebrity plastic surgery. 

Doja Cat blasted Hill for creating a speculative video about her body, titled "DOJA CAT looks DIFFERENT than before… HERE'S WHY."

"Two-hundred-thousand f**king views on this video by Lorry Hill," the "Say So" rapper said. "It's about plastic surgery. It's about this b*tch Lorry Hill talking about people's bodies, talking about people's surgery."

Doja Cat continued, segueing to defending Megan Thee Stallion against similar claims made by Hill.

"This b*tch made a f**king plastic surgery video on Megan Thee Stallion. Shut the f**k up, bro. At that rate? Megan Thee Stallion is home-f*cking-grown. This b*tch has nerve. And I'll tell you something: you wanna sit there in your f**king chair talking about how 'This girl and that girl and this girl got this and that done,' b*tch look at you. You got work to do right now. And I won't say more," Doja Cat said.

"I'm pissed off, and a lot of people would say, 'You're mad 'cause it's the truth. You're mad because she clocked you on something.' But f**k that. I'm mad because there's lies about me. That's what the f**k I'm mad about," she added.

The rapper then acknowledged how Hill essentially used her for clout, though it's "not good clout."

"You're welcome for the clout. It's not good clout, but it's clout. It's what you asked for. It's what you get when you make lies up about people. When you say shit about people," she said. "B*tch, I'll tell you one thing. I built my career off of my body and the way that my body looks and making my fans feel confident in the way that their body looks. And the moment I start losing weight, bitches like you, Jack Skellington, bitches like you wanna talk about the way that I look. Yeah, I'm looking at you."

Hill later made the video private, and she addressed the matter on her Instagram Story.

"Hey everyone, the Doja Cat video was removed from my YouTube after Doja Cat expressed feeling hurt by it. It is to her credit that she never asked me to remove it (and didn't have to). It's never my intention to hurt celebrities [with] my videos," she wrote.

Hill also spoke on the subject on her YouTube channel's community page.

"Hi everyone, It was brought to my attention that Doja Cat has seen my video where I shared my opinion on possible procedures she may have had. She expressed that she felt hurt by the video and since it is never my intention to hurt anyone. I have taken the video down without hesitation," she added.

Doja Cat hasn't further spoken on the matter, and she soon proceeded to shout out her new "Freaky Deaky" collab after she ended her IG Live.