Rap fans are honing in on Flo Milli and asking an important question: why isn’t she more well-known and respected?

The 22-year-old Alabama native, who was notably included in XXL’s 2021 Freshman Class, became the subject of discussion after a Twitter user re-circulated a brief video that was made by a fan.

“I need you guys to answer this today: Why is Flo Milli so underrated? Why? She doin’ what she has to do — she’s a young Black queen! Stand up,” the Flo Milli stan exclaims in the clip.

She then proceeds to shoutout a Flo Milli track called “PBC” before bumping it and dancing around, hyping up the song as a mantra for people who are “pretty, Black, cute.”

The Twitter user (who is not the person in the clip) expounded upon this video by throwing GloRilla — a lighter skin-toned Memphis rapper who initially blew up through her “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” single — into the mix, as she alleged that Flo Milli hasn’t seen similar successes due to colorism.

The user also compared GloRilla’s recent single with Cardi B, “Tomorrow 2,” to a shoutout that Cardi gave Flo Milli on social media back in 2020.

Other users immediately began joining the conversation, with some agreeing that Flo Milli is not getting the recognition that she deserves.

However, others tried to shut down the comparison by proclaiming that the main difference between the artists is that GloRilla garners more male fans.

The comparison went on to be dubbed “unfair,” because fans don’t get to see the behind-the-scenes work or deals that go on in the music industry.

Twitter users also pointed out that Flo Milli’s sound is an “acquired taste.”

Still, some users notably argued that  Flo Milli actually does garner attention and support from Black listeners.

While Flo Milli hasn’t explicitly commented on the matter, she issued a pertinent tweet just over a week ago: “pressure makes diamonds, remember that whenever you get discouraged.”

What are your thoughts on the comparisons between the two rappers?