If you started your day Googling "What is P?" then you might be an old head. Atlanta rapper Gunna dropped his single "Pushin' P" featuring Future and Young Thug from his new album DS4EVER, and it has social media in a chokehold. 

The blue "P" emoji in your friend's Instagram caption, tweet, or even TikTok video is the result of another viral social media trend, but some don't understand the phrase.

Before "Pushin' P" hit your timeline, it was a phrase that has been used in southern states like Texas and the Bay area for ages. If you're pushin' P, it means you're doing something right, keeping it real, or you did something honorable. Gunna explained on The Breakfast Club that the flexible phrase was derived initially as a substitution for the word "player."

"P don't just mean player. 'P' means paper, too. You can be pushin' this 'P' with paper." Gunna clarified. 

Toying with his Instagram live viewers, Gunna asks them to guess what the phrase stood for before explaining what "P" meant to him. To break it down in simpler terms, "Pushin' P" and "kicking P" are two different things Gunna explained.

"If you're in this shit and it's rented, then you're kicking P. But if you buy this shit and you own it, then you're really pushin' P. You're spending your hard-earned money. Like, you're pushin' it. You're standing on this shit. You're spending millions on it. You're pushin' it." 

The #pushinp hashtag has accrued over a million posts, with TikTokers giving hilarious memes and video concepts. Gunna has even engaged on TikTokers videos providing feedback on whether or not they're using the phrase correctly.

Before you go off using that blue "P" emoji, make sure you read Gunna's recent tweets explaining what "Pushin' P" is.

Pushin' "P" can be easy. Gunna says minding your business is one way to be a part of the "P" movement. 

Gunna's following example of "Pushin' P" is putting your people on to elevate and achieve their dreams. 

Living your real-life outside of the Internet is "Pushin' P" to Gunna.

Gunna shares hustling for your loved ones is a solid move in the "Pushin' P" handbook.

Loyalty over everything is "Pushin' P" in the eyes of the Atlanta rapper.

If you're still unclear about what the phrase stands for, "P" is basically a term of positivity. The definition of the term seems correlative, but it looks like Gunna will be "Pushin' P" for a while.