Gunna is all about "Pushin' P," and he proved it by recently getting some new ink to commemorate this motto. The 28-year-old rapper took to Instagram yesterday to show himself getting a forearm tattoo of the blue P emoji, a symbol that's commonly used to represent parking and that's recently been re-purposed to signify Gunna's new slogan: "Pushin' P."

"I got a Bad Bitch n my PH RightNow! She Got on a ????️ucci Gown Ready to get Pipe Down ????????," Gunna captioned his upload, which is comprised of a series of different pictures.

At the start of the year, Gunna began hyping up his DS4EVER album and tweeting about "pushin' P," which is basically the concept of keeping it real, being a playa', and staying on your A-game. Once the album dropped, one of its lead hits was titled "pushin' P," further adding to the hype surrounding this term.

"P don’t just mean player. P means paper, too. You can be Pushing this P with paper," Gunna said of his slogan during an interview with Complex. "If you’re in this shit and it’s rented, then you’re kicking P. But if you buy this shit and you own it, then you’re really Pushing P. You’re spending your hard-earned money. Like, you’re pushing it. You’re standing on this shit. You’re spending millions on it. You’re pushing it."

While Gunna's song—which features Future, a hip-hop heavyweight—brought the term into many fans' lexicons, the Atlanta-based rapper is sure to let everyone know that's he's been Pushin' P long before he took off with his music career.

"I’ve actually been keeping it P and Pushing P. The world is just now catching on because of the song, but Atlanta and L.A. people who know me know," he added. "That’s why it hit hard, too, because I really been kicking P outside of music. So when I bring it to music, it’s like, 'Yeah, that’s really him. He ain’t lying.'"