Love and Marriage: Huntsville stars LaTisha Scott and her cousin Keke Jabbar have not been in the best place since rumors surfaced about LaTisha’s husband Marsau Scott being unfaithful, and Keke has participated in spreading rumors about Marsau being involved in a potential threesome with two women. LaTisha says that Keke is being messy, and Keke believes her cousin is misplacing her anger and should be mad at Marsau and not her. Things took a turn for the worse when the pair was at a family event and tensions were so high Keke ended up throwing a drink on LaTisha.

When Keke showed up at a BBQ thrown by Maurice Scott, it was obvious that LaTisha and Marasau were not interested in engaging in any conversation with her. They ignored her while she attempted to speak about the allegations with Stormi. Growing tired of being ignored, Keke tossed a drink at LaTisha. Marsau instructed Maurice and Kimmi to kick Keke out and Keke’s husband and Marsau began to have an exchange of words before the episode ended on a cliff hanger.

Fans of the show always have a lot to say about what went down in Huntsville. The drink-throwing incident was no different. One fan wrote on an Instagram clip of the drink toss posted by blog OMFG Reality TV, “Keke did too much I don’t agree with Tisha very much but Keke was dead wrong.”

Another wrote, “Keke’s behavior was unacceptable period.”

The overwhelming majority on Twitter, now known as X, was team LaTisha. Many praised her for not retaliating physically with her cousin.


Others say Keke’s behavior is out of line, but her anger is understandable after Marsau outed her addiction struggles.