Since its debut in 2018, Love & Marriage: Huntsville has become the breakout reality series on OWN. Between the cheating scandals, friendship breakdowns, and near brawls, there’s always a lot to keep viewers entertained. And in Season 6, a few friends of the show have expanded roles, including Chris and LerNail Fletcher. The two were introduced as friends of Melody Shari and Martell Holt when the former pair were married. They provided counsel to the now-exes. Since their split, they’ve seemingly sided with Melody. And in the trailer for this season, fans see Nell confront Martell about various rumors he spread about Melody. Their personal storyline has yet to unfold, but they’re bringing the drama in their own way. Here’s everything we know about Chris and LerNail Fletcher.

Dr. LerNail Fletcher is a business owner

On the Sept. 20 episode of the show, LerNail revealed that she’s owned a successful daycare center in Huntsville for 20 years. She filmed a scene with Melody where they discussed her being left out of the Blaque Business Expo hosted by Marsau and LaTisha Scott. The expo was a chance to highlight a variety of businesses in the area.

Chris Fletcher is a veteran turned real estate mogul

While LerNail is thriving in the early educational business, he’s a former United States Army member who now buys and sells suburban real estate. A few seasons ago, he approached Melody about buying and selling acres that he and Martell were initially supposed to work on. But Martell still has yet to pass his builder’s license exam. 

The couple have also experienced infidelity

During one of their counseling sessions with Melody and Martell, LerNail revealed she experienced infidelity in her marriage to Chris. Unlike the Holts, they were able to overcome it due to Chris’ remorse and ending the affair.