Celebrating James Bond Day in style, Prime Video has unveiled the tantalizing teaser trailer for the much-anticipated adventure game show series, 007: Road to a Million. This sneak peek offers a first look at the formidable Brian Cox in the role of “The Controller.” Produced by the minds behind the iconic James Bond film franchise, 007: Road to a Million embarks on a journey with nine pairs of ordinary individuals. They’ll navigate a series of Bond-inspired challenges, all in pursuit of the life-altering £1,000,000 prize.

Cox, portraying The Controller, assumes the role of the mastermind who orchestrates every aspect of the game. From dictating the pairs’ destinations to setting their tasks and posing challenging questions, he watches over their quests with keen interest. His delight lies in the unfolding drama of the meticulously crafted and often relentless challenges.

Each pair of contestants faces a quest to uncover ten hidden questions scattered across the globe, each representing a chance to win £1,000,000. To reach these pivotal questions, the pairs must overcome Bond-inspired trials that test their physical prowess and mental fortitude. With each correct answer, they accumulate cash and advance to the next question, which offers an even larger prize. However, a wrong answer marks the end of their journey.

The teaser trailer provides glimpses of breathtaking locales, including the rugged Scottish Highlands, the remote Atacama Desert in Chile, the vibrant streets of Venice and the majestic Swiss Alps.

007: Road to a Million is set to premiere on Prime Video starting Nov. 10.

Check out the teaser trailer.