From director Theo Anthony comes the critically-acclaimed feature documentary titled Rat Film, which is almost exactly what its title suggests it’s about – rats; although rats in Baltimore specifically; but wait… there’s more! —

Its described as balancing a cultural history of rats in Baltimore, with portraits of the city’s present-day rat catchers, Theo Anthony presents a damning account of entrenched racism and (sometimes questionable) scientific research ordered by governments and financial institutions.”

The film, which features a hypnotic” voiceover by Maureen Jones, and music by Baltimore native Dan Deacon, connects multitudinous injustices with footage of Google Maps navigation, archival materials, interviews, poetry, and a tour of Frances Glessner Lee’s “Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death” forensic dioramas.

It screened earlier this year at New York’s the Art of Real Festival. 

Watch the clip below: