The new season of The Real Housewives of New York has been a hit, thanks to a full recast. Just like the other franchises, each cast member has a role on the show. There’s the HBIC, the peacemaker, the witty one and the perceived mean girl. For some fans, Sai De Silva takes the latter role. Some are confused as to whether it’s an act or if she’s truly what she gives off on-screen. Either way, folks are talking about it, and many are not happy with the Brooklyn native’s behavior.

Fans believe Sai showcased this behavior during the most recent episode of the show when she was excessively mean to Jessel Taank for being late. Many viewers flocked to Reddit to complain about her behavior. One fan wrote, “Sai is a bad person, I’m sorry. When Jessel originally gave her story, Sai kept interrupting her and screaming at her. Then Jessel finally meets with her to open up, and Sai has an issue with that”

Another fan said, “You take Instagram photos for a living like let’s keep it in perspective. Yes, Jessel was late, but it wasn’t intentional, and she did pick a place further from her, so Sai had less of a commute.”

Twitter users have been critical of De Silva



And per her background, one would think De Silva wouldn’t fall victim to this reality TV archetype.

According to her Bravo TV bio, she is an original mommy blogger, who grew to fame in the space during the space’s initial rise. She has since focused her content on fashion and lifestyle, with paid partnerships with the likes of Dior, Fendi, Audemar Piguet, Bentley, Vogue and more.

The mom of two is busy with content management, while her husband David manages their household.

Time will tell if her public perception changes, but it looks like she will get into a confrontation with Brynn Whitfield in the season finale.