Several of the women on The Real Housewives of Potomac have had to deal with cheating allegations that involved their husbands. Despite being in the middle of her own fallout from her marital strife, Robyn Dixon and her BFF Gizelle Bryant are discussing what’s allegedly happening with Candiace Dillard Bassett and her husband, Chris.

Last season, Chris was the subject of cheating rumors, which he and Dillard Bassett denied. A woman has since come forward alleging she was Chris’ mistress and terminated a pregnancy at his request. Bryant and Dixon believe there’s some truth to the rumors.

Dixon and Bryant took the time during their Reasonably Shady Podcast to weigh in on the Chris cheating allegations. Despite Dixon’s husband’s questionable behavior and the constant rumors about, she says there’s some validity to the ongoing chatter about Chris, as she’s experienced similar things with Juan.

“You know, I know people are probably gonna try to say, ‘Oh we need more proof, we need more proof.’ I’ve seen enough to kind of know that something was done that wasn’t supposed to happen,” Robyn said before adding, “Be careful how you respond or react to other people’s drama because your ass may be caught up in some similar s**t.”

Bryant noted, “Yep! Hello! And when your friends try to tell you about your husband, you might want to listen,” which is seemingly a reference to her claim that Chris made her feel uncomfortable last year when he asked to speak to her alone in a hotel room. She claimed the optics made it appear sneaky.

Dillard Basset is warning the green-eyed bandit duo to stay quiet, taking to Twitter to address it.

” If you would just shut the f*** up and worry about your boyfriend for hire and cheating husband you would have to post proof that you were behind yet another plot against someone’s family Lol. Once again the people of God are tired.”

A Canadian woman came forward last year to claim she’d had a relationship with Juan. There were also photos of Juan with a female member of his staff from Coppin State University out on several outings together. Robyn says Juan’s interactions were dumb but innocent.

Bryant’s love life has rarely been shown on the show. In seasons 2-4, Sherman Douglas, didn’t want to film the show. She also rekindled romance with her ex, Jamal Bryant, but cheating rumors and an alleged fake storyline killed their relationship. Now, has been romantically paired with a much younger Bravolebrity who will be featured in season 8.