To celebrate R&B superstar Summer Walker‘s 26th birthday, we’re honoring her by reflecting on her professional journey.

This Atlanta-born Aries has already made her mark on the music industry incredibly, and her talents will continue to take her far. As we await her next hit track, we have to look back on her career and celebrate her musical contributions.

Here’s a look back on Summer Walker’s journey to fame.

Pre-fame days

Before Walker was known as a Billboard-charting artist, she was a rising entrepreneur who had a passion for music.

While running her own cleaning business and working at a strip club, Walker honed her self-taught guitar skills and uploading song covers to YouTube. It’s also worth noting that she always had big aspirations for her professional future.

“I started singing because I wanted to figure out ways to make money in [a] comfortable and creative way,” Walker reflectively said back in 2019.

These covers eventually led to Love Renaissance (LVRN) studio manager discovering Walker, and she went on to release her debut project—Last Day of Summer—in late 2018.

Big break

Summer Walker garnered even more attention after she unveiled a remix to “Girls Need Love” that featured the one-and-only Drake.

This remix to the already-successful song catapulted Walker to widespread recognition, and she immediately got to work on her beloved Over It project.

The hit album was unveiled in October 2019, and it grew into a massive hit.

During the album’s production, Walker began getting romantic with London on da Track.

Continued successes

Following the release of Over It, Summer Walker spawned several great songs through collaborations—such as “Something Real” with Chris Brown, “Secret” with 21 Savage, “Back Home” with Trey Songz, and “Eleven” with Khalid.

In mid-2020, Walker released an EP called Life on Earth that helped satisfy fans until her next commercial project.

Later that same year, she announced she and London on da Track were expecting a child. Their daughter, Bubbles, was born in early 2021, though the couple ultimately split.


We have to briefly acknowledge some high-profile controversies that have surrounded Walker in the past.

Walker-related controversies include allegations of COVID-related xenophobia and racism, as well as spreading anti-vaxx ideology. She’s also been accused of improperly caring for her daughter and, paradoxically, mom-shaming others.

Additionally, she’s also faced heat for airing out her drama with London on da Track and some of the other women with whom he shares children.

"Still Over It"

Walker’s drama with London on da Track was a central theme on her Still Over It album, which was unveiled in late 2021.

The heartfelt album, which debuted at No. 1, was an immense hit among fans and it helped further cement Walker’s already-solidified status as a modern-day R&B queen.


On the heels of Still Over It, Summer Walker is still keeping busy in 2022. As Blavity previously reported, she recently unveiled a “No Love” remix that featured Cardi B.

Additionally, Walker was featured on Lil Durk’s 7220 album. She also released a new song with NO-1 NOAH, featured on Life on Earth. Who knows what else this year will hold for this young superstar?

Happy birthday, Summer Walker!