Tiffany “New York” Pollard is the self-proclaimed H.B.I.C. and she proved such on a recent episode of E!’s House of Villains when she left Omarosa in shambles.

The show follows reality stars, all villains in their own right, competing for a cash prize. During an elimination round, she was asked to deliver a speech about why she should not go home.

Pollard tells the house that she doesn’t, “want a sympathy vote,” and Omarosa wasn’t pleased. The Apprentice alum responds with shock, saying, “So you don’t want my sympathy vote? That’s what you’re saying?” Pollard took that as the opportunity to let the Trump White House alum know how she truly felt about her.

“Since I already said that, Omarosa, may I also say that I find you to be a c**k-sucking, c**-guzzling Republican c**t,” she told her in part. “And I sleep better at night knowing that you’re not in the White House.”

It showed that nearly 20 years after her reality TV debut, she’s still unmatched in the verbal spatting department.

Pollard spoke with Page Six about her choice of words for Omarosa. She said, plain and simple, Omarosa asked for it. “Well, Omarosa, bless her heart, but she tried me and I had to remind her of the pecking order,” Pollard said firmly. “I am the HBIC, always will be and I’m the original,” Pollard added. “And she tried me.”

In our interview with Pollard, she explains what makes a good reality TV villain. “First of all, you have to be true to yourself, not apologize for anything and always live that truth regardless of what it makes you look like. Secondly, you have to have confidence to be able to withstand people who may not see things the way you see them,” she said. “Sometimes, you have to go it alone, and you just must have that strength and that confidence within. Thirdly, sometimes you have to have a strong drinking hand to have your back when nobody else can. You can’t always call for your mom or your brother to be there, but a good little gin and tonic can do the trick.”

It’s unclear if she had a stiff drink before going off on her co-star, but nonetheless, it made for an iconic moment.