How do you ensure your partner doesn’t cheat on you? One TikToker thinks she has cracked the code. Chaylene Martinez, who amassed over 22,000 followers on the platform, has gone viral after revealing that she had her fiance sign a contract stating that if he cheats on her, he’d have to empty his pockets.

“I have just reached a new level of crazy,” she stated. “I just made well, not made, he did it out of his own free will, but my fiance just signed a legal document and we got it notarized that if he cheats on me, he has to pay my bills.”

She added, “I’m so smart or so crazy, I don’t know.”

The video has garnered over 8 million views and nearly 2 million likes since it was posted on Aug. 12.



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“Can you send us a link to this pdf document,” one viewer asked with a laughing emoji.

“This is by far the smartest thing I’ve ever heard,” another added.

One TikTok user said the document is “so smart.”

Another viewer even shared that they wouldn’t want a partner who would question the document.

“If they aren’t willing to do this, I don’t want them.”

Others were more critical of the agreement.

“Does it count for you too??? Cause like…” one asked.

“No trust already. Setting it up for failure,” another suggested.

One viewer agreed that the document would corrupt trust in a relationship.

“Bro where has trust gone these days… like now he’s just gonna be scared to cheat bc of this prenup, instead of not cheating out of love for you,” they wrote.

Martinez explained to her critics in a follow-up video that the agreement is to make sure she and her fiance “have each other’s back.”

In fact, according to Martinez, her fiance was the one who typed up the agreement and it was very unique to their particular situation.


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“I do have some trust issues,” she shared. “I finally have been screwed over so many times that I get scared.”

Martinez and her fiance are “doing things together financially” now, and they both thought it was a good idea to sign legal documents to protect themselves.

While preparing those contracts, Martinez made a joke about including what would happen if he cheated on her in their documents. He went for it.

“I think it’s super romantic and cute and cheesy,” she said in the video.

Martinez also added that even if it were a serious request on her end, there’s nothing wrong with that.

“People cheat all the time. And girls waste their time and time is money,” she added.