TikTok has become the Google of our generation with vastly diverse and niche subjects available for everyone to indulge in. There’s tons of knowledge to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it is tips on cooking, finding a helpful routine, daily meditations, or the most popular of them all spirituality.

The #spiritualtiktok hashtag is full of influencers educating viewers on divination, an ancient and powerful tool often used to explore self-love, personal healing, and spiritual growth. Millennials and Gen Z are now trading in their bibles, and Sunday school sessions, for new-age spirituality, tarot cards, house plants, and crystals.

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Terrell Davis, affectionately known as Minty Bong Water, has sprinkled his love and light through millions of screens, gaining over 1.5 million followers on TikTok and over 195k on Instagram.

Davis spoke with BlavityU about his TikTok success, spiritual practices, why he feels Gen Z is practicing spirituality over religion, and more.

“I would consider myself as a new-age Mr. Rogers; only because I grew up very heavily influenced by people that sat down and shared their passions,” said Davis. “Whether it be Mr. Rogers, Bob Ross, or even Bernie Mac. Just people that sat down and shared their passions and encouraged other people to do the same.”

Just as Mr. Rogers always managed to create lessons in seemingly everyday things, as does Davis. Davis teaches his viewers how to craft perfect herbal teas, select crystals, and shares plant expertise and spiritual advice.

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Every day, Davis greets his viewers with his warm smile, a steaming cup of tea, a daily lesson, and a pick-me-up. These are small details he finds important to share with his followers because you never know who may need to hear it.

“I just kind of wanted to carry that tradition of making people feel like they aren’t by themselves no matter what age,” says Davis. “I take my things and kind of share that with other people, just showing interest and showing care in somebody else’s day, because they might not have gotten that from anybody all day.”

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Davis’ TikTok journey originally started as a vlog where he provided plant tips. However, he found the most growth in sharing his spirituality with the world.

“I started to share my love for tea, crystals, my metaphysical and spiritual journey. I started just to make a record of it on video. Eventually, people started to kind of take notice and related to that,” he says.

With TikTok having a strong spiritual community, Davis’ success grew overnight. According to the online guru, he feels that conventional religious ways have taken the back seat for many reasons.

“I think that the biggest thing that people look towards in new age spirituality, or a personal spiritual journey, is that it can still combine or have aspects of the things that you’ve been taught,” says Davis. “It’s much more of a personal journey, though. It’s about what I am doing for me versus what you know, which is, what does everyone have to do to find salvation or peace.” 

He continues, “As this thing continues, it’s something that I think is easy to take pride in holding that kind of self-accountability for your own energy.”

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Like many new-age spiritualists, Davis deals with critics that disagree with his practices. However, he won’t allow himself to stray from his ancestral connections.

“I think it’s imperative to our healing process. Often cases we’re circling back around to things that our ancestors have been doing for thousands of years. And we just don’t realize it. I think that’s where a huge part of our comfort comes with, you know, even as simple as taking care of plants,”  he shares.


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Davis has touched many viewers’ hearts through his herbs and honest teachings. It’s evident that he is the modern-day Mr. Rogers, introducing his TikTok neighborhood to the wonders of the spiritual world. Check out our full interview with Terrell Davis, aka Minty Bong Water, below.