Blanca Li is a choreographer, film director, dancer and actress from Granada, Spain, with a resume that includes choreography for the Paris Opera Ballet, The Berlin Ballet, the Metropolitan Opera, as well as for filmmakers like Pedro Almodovar and Michel Gondry, and even for musical artists like Beyoncé, Daft Punk, Kanye West and Coldplay, among others.

She’s directed a new feature-length “urban musical” as the press release describes it, titled “Elektro Mathematrix,” which unfolds without any dialogue at all – just choreographed dance (Electro Dance, specifically) acting as communication. Its backdrop is everyday life in a high school, with the lives of young creative people, their friendships, rivalries, worries, and hopes.

Based on the filmmaker’s “Elektro Kif” stage show, which has toured around the world, the film, starring Khaled Abdulahi, Arnaud Bacharach, Mamadou Bathily, Roger Bepet, and Taylor Chateau, is set to open in France next week. No word of a USA pickup at this time.

Poster above, trailer below: