Lakeith Stanfield in 'Death Note'
Lakeith Stanfield in ‘Death Note’

Here’s the first trailer for Netflix’s Death Note. The series is an adaption of the Japanese manga (and later anime) series by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

The series stars Nat Wolff, Margaret Qualley, Lakeith Stanfield (credited in this as Keith Stanfield), Paul Nakauchi, Shea Whigham and voicing by William Dafoe.

Death Note follows a high school student, Light (Wolff) who comes across a supernatural notebook, realizing it holds within it a great power; if the owner inscribes someone’s name into it while picturing their face, he or she will die. Intoxicated with his new godlike abilities, the young man begins to kill those he deems unworthy of life.

Stanfield will portray L, the detective who is tasked with tracking down Light in an attempt to end his reign of terror.

Because of Netflix’s decision to adapt Death Note, it has been subject to controversy already. Since the initial Netflix announcement and the release of a teaser in March, fans haven’t been sure of what to make of it and there has been worry that it will be whitewashed. However, there does seem to be clear distinctions from this and the original series, not only the casting of majority white American actors instead of actors of Asian descent — but the storyline itself, particularly the characterization of Light. Hovering over all of this is the erasure of Asian-American characters and actors. This is a problem we’ve seen in Hollywood this year, including with Marvel’s Iron Fist. 

Still, it seems whether it’s for better or for worse, this adaption is going to have folks talking.  Netflix will also bring it to Comic-Con at the end of next month.

You can view the trailer below: