"Demain tout commence"
“Demain tout commence”

What looks like another feel-good dramedy from actor Omar Sy (a film on my Oscar 2017 predictions list; although it’s very unlikely now that I’ve learned it won’t even be released in its native France until December), the French film is titled “Demain tout commence” which translate literally as “Tomorrow, It Begins” (although, according to IMDB, it will be released in English-speaking countries as “Two Is a Family”).

The movie, directed by Hugo Gélin, and co-starring Clemence Poesy, sees Omar Sy play a reluctant father to a child he never knew he had, by an ex-girlfriend who suddenly shows up with the kid, leaves the child with him, and then disappearing. Sy’s character, previously leaving a carefree life as a bachelor in the French Riviera, goes on a trip to find the mother, taking the child with him of course, ending up in London, where he takes a job as a stuntman. And, as you’d expect, a transformation follows, as he spends time with the child, and learns how to be a father.

French actress Poesy plays the mother of the child. Newcomer Gloria Colston stars as the kid.

The film reportedly drew international interest from distributors (at the American Film Market last November), as Sy is an international star, thanks in great part to the global success that was his break-out film, the crowd-pleaser “Intouchables” 3 years ago, which won him the French equivalent of the Best Actor Oscar – the first time a black actor had won the award in France.

Distributors are likely hoping for another feel-good Omar Sy dramedy that’ll win audiences over worldwide. Although no USA pickup at this time. So, depending on how it’s received, this is a film that might make next year’s Oscar predictions list.

By the way, “Intouchables” is being remade for American audiences with Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston starring.

Produced by Vendôme Production &Mars Films, the film’s French distributor has premiered its first trailer. Check it out below (although it’s without English subtitles; but the images tell you much of what you need to know); the French poster follows underneath the trailer: