Emmy-winning host and comedian Wayne Brady is known to many American households through many things, such as being a regular on the improv comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, as well as the host of the game show Let’s Make a Deal.

However, in a bit of news that is not all that surprising in the realm of entertainment, Brady revealed in an interview on TMZ Live that he was the target of a racist, expletive-filled voicemail.

The voicemail was reportedly left for Brady at CBS Studios in Los Angeles, where he films Let’s Make A Deal. The caller, identified as an unknown male, used the N-word towards Brady in his racist rant. CBS eventually filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Despite this, Brady revealed to TMZ Live he was happy to use the event to discuss the racism and mistreatment of Black people that has permeated, defined and outlined America since its inception.

“I’m not mad,” Brady said on Monday’s TMZ Live. “I’m actually happy that we can talk about this.”

In fact, Brady also had some defiant words of triumph against the mysterious man who left the racist voicemail aimed at him.

“I don’t care what that dude has to say,” the comedian declared. “You think that the best insult that you can come up with is to level that word, that piece of vitriol, that hate? You think that’s clever? You think that’s something that any Black person walking in this country right now hasn’t heard? You are the least of my worries. You can kiss my a**.”

Watch Wayne Brady’s interview with TMZ Live below.