Audible has released the new podcast Wild With Happy, created by and starring Oscar and Tony Award nominee Colman Domingo.

Aside from Domingo, Wild with Happy includes the legendary Oprah Winfrey, Tony Award nominee Sharon Washington, Tony Award winner Alex Newell and Golden Globe Award winner Tyler James Williams.

Wild With Happy originally premiered as a play at the Public Theater in 2012 and starred Domingo and Washington.

Here’s the official description: In Wild with Happy, Gil (Domingo) is a struggling NYC actor who heads home to Philadelphia after the passing of his mother, Adelaide (Winfrey). The plan is to tidy-up her affairs as quickly and efficiently as possible, until a few unpredictably hilarious detours ensue. With his Aunt Glo (Washington) insisting on a proper burial, but an urn of ashes already in his hand, Gil’s best friend Mo (Newell) throws him in a car. Aunt Glo and the funeral director (Williams), now Gil’s lover (yes, that happened), follow in hot pursuit. Several states later they all reach their final destination, and Gil’s mom’s final resting place: the one place on earth that made her Wild with Happy.”

Listen to an audio clip of Wild With Happy below.

In the clip, Gil (Colman Domingo) is on a phone call with his mother, Adelaide (Winfrey), who has concerning questions about his acting career. Adelaide asks Gil, “Do you want me to write Oprah? … I wrote her six times already.”

Inspired by events from Domingo’s life, this adaptation’s full-circle moment sees Winfrey herself play Gil’s mother.

The podcast is now available on Audible.