Erica Mena has been a staple on Love & Hip Hop since the early days of Love & Hip Hop: New York. Viewers have watched her fight, find love, have children, get divorced and find a path to her career. She’s known to have a potty mouth and trade hands with the best of them. Now, she’s on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Her verbal lashings have been meme-worthy, but after calling Spice, her Black co-star, a “monkey,” viewers are split on how to feel.

Erica Mena and Spice’s argument was intense

While arguing about Erica’s ex-husband, Safaree Samuels, things took a turn after Spice lashed out for Erica allegedly playing the victim in their split. Spice tells the former Dash employee that she’s not the only woman to ever get divorced and have to raise her two children from the marriage herself. When Erica reminds Spice that she has three children, her oldest son from a previous relationship being 16, Spice snaps, “your son doesn’t like you.” Initially, Erica is shocked and warns Spice not to speak of her children. But when Spice doesn’t let up, Erica flips the table.

Erica unleashes, telling Spice she should have died after her septic episode last year. She also calls Spice a “blue monkey,” noting Spice’s blue wig.

Viewers take sides

Many viewers are offended, while others say Spice took the first swing and went too low by bringing Erica’s child into the conversation. She’s been trending on Twitter, and the reactions are divided. Erica has benefited from Black culture, and has Black children, which makes her comment even more offensive. But it’s not the first instance of this type of behavior from her toward Black women. She also made monkey sounds when exiting the restaurant where they met. Fans also believe Spice deserved whatever response, no matter how harsh, because she spoke ill of Erica’s son.