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Erykah can "make you put your phone down"

Just as we finished reeling from her soulful rendition of Drake’s "Hotling Bling," Erykah Badu leaks a sultry track on her Soundcloud account as a tease for her new, long-awaited mixtape She Ill. "Phone Down" has simple lyrics and a powerful message. What is it? It’s that no matter how attached you are to your phone, Ms. Badu insists she’s enchanting enough to make you ignore those alerts. In a world where we practically live our lives with our smartphones glued to our hands (even when we’re on dates,) this track is super relevant.
“I can make you putcha phone down I see ya friend callin’ but forget ‘em I can you putcha phone down Ya momma prolly think you somewhere out here missin…”
https://soundcloud.com/erykah-she-ill-badu/phone-down-by-erykah-badu Hey, if anyone can make you put your phone down, it’s Erykah.
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