ESPN Suspends Jemele Hill For New Series Of Tweets; Journalists, Activists, Black Twitter Come To Her Aid

Hill commented on the owner of the Dallas Cowboys' protest ban.

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| October 09 2017,

8:23 pm

A few weeks ago, SportsCenter anchor Jemele Hill tweeted the following:

In doing so, she mirrored the concerns of many Americans, and many people abroad.

She faced criticism from conservatives and from supporters of the president for calling Trump a white supremacist.

But she also faced widespread support from Black Twitter, from her black colleagues at ESPN and from her fellow sports journalists at the National Association for Black Journalists.

Hill, however, was not supported by her employer, who reportedly tried to replace her. They were allegedly foiled in this effort by her co-host, and instead “addressed” the issue with her.

Not long after the incident, Hill apologized to her colleagues at the station.


Now, she has been suspended by ESPN for another tweet, this one suggesting a boycott of the Dallas Cowboy’s sponsors:

Hill doesn’t hate the Cowboys; she was moved to tweet her tweet after the Cowboy’s owner forbid any of his players from protesting during the national anthem. In her tweets, she suggested that anyone who wanted to express their anger at the owner do so by attacking his pockets.

The owner, Jerry Jones, said that he will not “tolerate disrespecting the flag,” and that those that didn’t stand wouldn’t be allowed to play, CBS Sports reports.

Hill advocated for the move because she felt that Jones put his players, especially his black players, in an unfair position.


ESPN didn’t care. The network saw the tweets and suspended Hill for two weeks “for a second violation of our social media guidelines.”

The network did not offer any conflict of interest statement; some of the advertisers that support the Cowboys have also bought ad time on ESPN.

As was the case with the white supremacist kerfuffle, Hill had her defenders, upset that ESPN has placed Hill in the same position she was protesting Jones for putting his players in.

Some predicted that ESPN’s black employees will once again stand up for Hill:

While others are calling for a boycott of the network:


After Hill’s tweet about President Trump, the White House called for her to be fired, according to Sports Illustrated, and others. Neither she nor the president have commented as of yet on her suspension.