T-Pain ain't too proud to simp. 

The "rappa ternt sanga" sat down with Blavity News where he talked about being inclined toward infatuation, "rapper liquor" and his latest project. 

When talking about his debut 2005 Rappa Ternt Sanga album, the Tallahassee native, who recently described himself as being a Drake album personified, said his classic "I'm Sprung" and many of the songs that followed were "the simpiest thing you ever heard in your life.” 

For those unfamiliar, a simp is one who will do anything for the object of their affections.

"I just don't think people knew what simping was back then," he went on. "I don't think I'm just now revealing it, I think people are just now starting to realize." 

Following the release of the lovestruck catalog that was Rappa Ternt Sanga, T-Pain continued to climb the music charts with his catchy hits, many of which used the now popular auto-tune. But it was his song with rapper Lil’ Wayne “Can’t Believe It” that left music fans puzzled for decades over a lyric.

In the song, T-Pain rhymed “Wisconsin” with “mansion,” leaving fans often perplexed and amazed at his musicality and creativeness. Yet, he says the pronunciation of “Wisconsin” simply came from natives of the state. 

“What was going through my mind was I had been to Wisconsin and that’s how they say it,” he said. “It’s an accent kind of thing. It’s not something I made up or forced.”

Despite creating Billboard Hot 100 hits, T-Pain recently recalled a conversation with fellow musician Usher who criticized his use of auto-tune, as Blavity previously reported

"Usher was my friend," T-Pain said. "I really respect Usher. And he was like, 'Man. I'm gonna tell you something, man. You kinda f**ked up music for real singers.'"

He added that Usher's comment was the start of his four-year depression. 

As for what’s next for the Tallahassee native, T-Pain is partnering with Moe’s Southwest Grill to launch their Frank’s RedHot buffalo queso taco. 

The hard shell taco which is wrapped in a soft tortilla will be available for loyal customers on July 6.

The rapper is also preparing to release his first book Can I Mix You A Drink — a play on his song “Buy U A Drank.”

The book he says was an opportunity to dive into his exploration of alcohol. 

“Everybody seems me slamming drinks all the time. No one ever sees the elegant side of it, the private time I have with alcohol,” he said, revealing he prefers a glass of wine over “rapper liquor” these days in the club.

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