Toronto DJ Raheem White is missing, and his family is still looking to the local police for answers. White was last seen on Dec. 1 wearing a pair of black pants, a black jacket, a black backpack and an orange hat. He was last spotted at Frogbox, his place of work.

There have been no sightings of White since his reported disappearance. Police located his van that afternoon in a lot near Lake Shore Boulevard West and Ellis Avenue. His wallet and keys were found inside the vehicle. Const. Ed Parks told that police are still searching for White and are concerned for his safety. He said police have sent out the missing person report to other jurisdictions. They've also scoured social media for any sightings, but so far, nothing has turned up. 

As Blavity previously
reported, the family has been pleading with authorities as well as the public to deliver his safe return.

“We need Raheem back home safely. We are praying and anticipating his safe return,” White’s mother, Rose Johnson, told “His friends are up all night searching for him. His girlfriend is so upset. His young brothers are asking what's happening.”

Johnson said she last spoke with White just before his father's birthday on Nov. 29.

“He appeared so excited. He spoke about his new business and he was looking forward to a new chapter in his life,” she said at the time. 

White's close friend Christian Evans was the person who initially filed the missing persons report, saying that it's very unlike his friend to go missing.

"He’s the most stable, reliable guy I know,” Evans said, noting that he had no reason to believe that his friend would abruptly leave without saying anything. “Many friends are looking all over the city, at all hours of the day and night to try to find him.”

"He means a lot to us. And it's been really great to see other people who don't even know him connect to what's happening and what we're feeling and what we're doing," White's friend Khadijah Salawu told CP24. "The support is overwhelming in a great way, and we just hope that awareness spreads across the city and people come together to find him."